My entry for #WhiskerJam

Theme and limitation used very lightly...

How To Play

Place cards from your deck on the board, each card has a synergy (green) or a weakness (red) with the other cards.

Your gold for each round is

(left x synergy + right x synergy)

So you can use negatives to your advantage!

Each turn your cards are shifted to the left, so your last card becomes your first, there is no way back to change it! Try and get 1000 gold in 10 turns or less!





Made with a custom Typescript Game Engine.


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I won, without having the slightest idea of what I am doing, lol.

Thanks for playing!

Fun thinker of a game!

Not sure what I was doing or how the results were what they were would be my only gripe.

This Is A Very Cool Game! It’s Very Relax. And The Gameplay Is Cool Too! Great Job!

Thanks for playing!

Great work on this entry! Relaxing, fun and puzzling too!

The visuals are just amazing and the music was great as well! I also loved the satisfying sound the cards make :)

As for the gameplay, I had a lot of fun. I loved the implementation of the theme and saw my choices from the previous turn influence the next one. I was able to have a fun time, without any rush, making this a great relaxing game! Keep it up :)


Thanks for playing! Im glad you enjoyed it!